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  New Document 1 Dec 2012 Version 3 for Java Script is on beta on all servers.
- all scripts are xclicks hosted so only one insert
- WEB 2.0 style, support for html tags, no need to insert js
- WEB 2.0 style, encapsulated JS, less interactions with other JS
- 2 step HandShake protection , future support for hash keys
- No need to have the script in the header.
- Old scripts are still supported
18 Sept 2011 - Fixed a loophole alowing some rogue webmasters to enter google or other search engines as a ref pattern
- Changed table width for Add Trade Page to look better on wider screens
19 May 2010 - Added a new page with copy paste Snippets, containing styles as well as Java Scripts to create topsite and site of the moments .
- Fixed a few bugs on JS library to make it compatible with blogger, updated version to 1.05.
4 May 2010 - Added Daum - Koreea to search engine list and detection capability
7 Mar 2010 - Added Sogou - China to search engine list and detection capability
9 Feb 2010 - Checked compatibility vith Google Chrome.
- Fixed home page for normal display in chrome.
4 Feb 2009 - encode feature has been added on get codes page for both library and tracker code. This will help people using webforms to add xclicks codes on their sites more easy. 11 Dec 2008
- rewrite out scripts to do more checks, raw hits to same site are not counted anymore
- gall.php fully support a new variable &t=tradeID in order to be able to send traffic to galleries but to be considered as a trade
- fixed several bugs on counting out clicks and and out hits
4 Dec 2008
- added Import List, under banned domains in order to allow you to import a txt link
- trimmed a few scripts.
- fixed some bugs on tracking
22 Sept 2008
- added 2 new Graphs under counters, one for Traffic Quality History (English Traffic percentage) and one for SEs traffic history.
- changed homepage graph to show raw (orange) and english traffic (green) for overall account.
- fixed some bugs on counter page
16 Apr 2008
- added Scan My Trades under Banned Domains section to scan each trade against cheaters situated on all xclicks servers. Added More Info in order to see who banned that site and his reason. Added all features like multiple delete bann and so on.
- banned domains is now common for all sites on one account.
14 Nov 2007
- added a new server X5. New accounts will be directed to this server in order to conserve the speed and resources an the other servers.
12 Sept 2007
- added Hits In Logs under Logs and robots section to list aprox last 200 IPs for last hits in. This is useful mostly for debug.
- updated "get codes" section to have "Site of the Moment" codes on it. Up to 5 sites of the moment can be listed.
4 July 2007
XCLICKS VERSION 3 final part has been deployed on all servers. New on this version:
- added Skimming pattern to support a recurring skimming in a predefined way. Asimetrical reccuring like this TGTTGTTTG(TTTTG) is supported
- changed Trading Type from individual trade to Global per site. Added another 2 ways of trading, Average from Hits in and Clicks and, Geometrical from Hits and Clicks
- added Site of Moment to make a list of max 5 sites where you owe most at that moment. This will make possible to send traffic to forced trades without using any blind traffic. Algorithms are the same as for blind traffic.
- added Max Clicks under anti cheating to limit max nr of recorded clicks
- added Minimum Hits/Clicks required for a trade to be displayed on Topsite
- added Minimum Hits and Clicks for a trade to send in order to receive traffic back
- Added ICQ on the trade info
- fixed trades by adding total raw in
14 June 2007
XCLICKS VERSION 3 first part has been deployed on all servers. New on this version:
- display hits raw in on trades, added raw/clicks/ to trades history
- redesigned counters page having traffic history with raw hits and added graphs for Bookmarks, No Reff and feeders, increased counter history to show last 8 days, added raw/clicks/ to history
- log out for clicks under trade logs -> this will show where the traffic from that trade will be sent
- log out for referrals under trade logs -> this will show where the traffic to that trade come from
- clicks from unknown are recorded as Junk
- clicks to unknown trade on out.php are recorded as Junk
- traffic from banned domains is not recorded anymore
- out fixed bugs, out from unknown hits/reff is not recorded anymore, clicks from unknown hits/reff are not recorded anymore.
- clicks from unknown are recorded as Junk
- fixed A->B C->B raw in clicks allocation error
- fixed clicks on second page (page views) to not be allocated to feeders
- optimized ct script and database queries
- optimized out library and changed algorithms
17 May 2007
- added a new feature under link tracking. Now clicks for any monitored link can be broken per trade. This can help finding hitbot cheaters.
25 Mar 2007
- fixed and streamline the UnReviewed trades option. A trade can be added as un reviewed and the color on the show trades settings table will be yellowish.
- after a few webmaster noticed if a trade will be suspended it will go somewhere on the end of table I added a small info on the table head stating the number of Active, Suspended and Un Reviewed trades
- fixed bug - missing webmaster info on add trade web form x2,x3,x4
- fixed and changed response after webmaster trade signup to ask for webmaster contact and manual activation if a trade is un reviewed or added as suspended
10 Jan 2007
- thumb url field has been increased from 64 to 128 chars to allow full URL. This works by adding http:// on the edit site and the rest on each thumb
- fixed bug - next 200 results has been modified to work with search entry on thumbs page
- added "blank" as a search option so in order to display blank entries
- fixed bug - imported blank thumbs is not possible from text file anymore
21 Dec 2006
- Happy Holidays!
7 Dec 2006
- upgraded servers for X2 and X3
- fixed bug - hits in counted wrong from domains having www in name like
- fixed bug - thumbs clicks not counted after site update from aiRotator to iRotator
30 Oct 2006
- fixed a bug on X2 about raw IPs recorded instead of Unics IPs
- added an URL encode / decode page to make it easy to add urls on galleries.
- fixed wap page in order to work for any server
- added more sanitize on out.php and gall.php scripts
- updated all scripts on all servers to not count more then 15 clicks per IP per trade
26 Oct 2006
- changed IP logs on www and X2 in order to have an equal loading on tables, redesigned all related scripts to handle this
- added trades export/import feature.
- fixed an index bug and overload on X2 server
8 Sept 2006
- changed thumb sampling reset to 2 weeks and at least 25 casts for more accurate measurements on AiRotator
- Added a new server, X3
19 Aug 2006
- changed aiRotator measurements from random to linear thumb exposure
- fixed a bug in thumbs manager affecting aiRotator accounting
14 Aug 2006
- added multiple thumbs edit
- forced update for topsite and thumbs if site is updated. This will remove the 15 minutes wait
8 Aug 2006
- fixed a bug in add site for deleted sites
- fixed a bug in feeders not deleted when added as a trade on server www
- fixed hits in / clicks could show negative results
- added a way to mark and delete multiple feeders if wanted
14 Jul 2006
- fixed a bug in edit form regarding password update
- fixed a bug in add trades to work when enter is used instead of submit (Toplist stopped working)
14 Jun 2006
- updated www server to be like x1, added feeders view bookmarks. In order to take advantage you need to update tracker script to last version
- updated tracker script in get codes for server
- updated get codes to make more simple to install xclicks
3 Jun 2006
- added more options for Hall of Fame Burning Out to suit your updates- Very Fast - updates weekly or more often, Fast - 2 weeks, Normal - 1 month, Slow - 2 months, very slow 4 months and disabled (burn naturally)
- added Burning Out support on both servers as well as for iTGP and iRotator
- some cosmetic improvements and fixes on www server pages.
15 May 2006
- added more Search Engines in database, including Baidu, Wotbox, View Point, MyWay, Ask Jeeves, StarWare, IASK
- some cosmetic improvements and fixes including adding a logout icon on all pages.
1 May 2006
- changed edit sites to support a new feature to allow the webmaster to review new added trades before sending any traffic to them
- added a security picture on web Add Trade Form do not allow automated submission of trades. This require to copy string from image and enter on form.
11 Apr 2006
- added a new feature called Auto BurningOut (Edit Sites) and this will make thumbs to have an aging function.
In this way after a week (7 days) productivity will be divided by the number of weeks of exposure.
So Firs week prod will be the same as it was before. After 1 week thumbs from the hall of fame with 1 week of exposure will have 0.5 * Prod (half of Prod). In this way room for new thumbs is given. At this time this feature works only with the IROTATOR
1 Mar 2006
- fixed a small bug from board on return library
- fixed time on server, added a cron job to synchronize time.
- few other small bugs fixed
16 Feb. 2006
- fixed some bugs on return scripts. Start testing for a new formula
- few cosmetic improvements like tabs addition on homepage.
- added a graph for the logs showing traffic history for each individual trade.
- changed layout for thumbs view, added tabbed views for stats and details and added a search thumb feature. Search can be made against string parts from Note, URL, Name.This is very usefully to get rid of some undesirable sponsors.
20 Jan 2006
- fixed some bugs on X2 server on the way of feeders are handel.
- added a new version of tracking javascript for the X2 server. This will better count Bookmarks cause will place a cookie.
- patch updates maintenance for www and x2
21 Dec 2005
- Happy Holidays!
- New Server added. On this server trades are shown by feeders, bookmarks and trades
- feeders are on a separate page and Add as Trade is an option.
15 Oct 2005
- Upgraded Server, fixed issues after upgrade.
- Installed php eaccelerator to increase speed and disabled gzip library for some scripts to decrease loads while maintains speed.
1 Oct 2005
- Fixed a few bugs on iTGP
20 Sept 2005
- Added 4 different TGP styles:
- Rotator - This will rotate all your thumbs from your database. Every 15 minutes a new set with random thumbnails will be displayed on your sites
- iRotator - Same thing as Rotator but in addition a specified number of thumbs (Hall of Fame) with the best productivity will be always displayed on your site to dramatically increase productivity. This need up to a week to learn.
- TGP - this will Release every day a number of thumbs from the database. If there are no new thumbs older thumbs are used. In this way there will be new content every day.
- iTGP same as the TGP but from the released daily thumbs only the ones with the best productivity are displayed. iTGP learn the first ours of the day by using random thumbs from the released one and then it will display only the ones with excellent productivity.
- Fixed config a few bugs in JS generator script
18 Sept 2005
- Fixed config in board
- Changed the JS generator script with a completely rewritten one. This make use of zip output, caching and ram disk and way much faster. As well the new one have support for upcoming features ;)
1 Sept 2005
- Fixed a few bugs in thumbs manager
- Started to test a php plugin to display thumbs based on a release day
17 Aug 2005
- Added support in database for # of Pics and Movies in thumbs section
- Created a gallery scanner script capable to scan galleries and print # of pics and movies found. This will make the update of the pics or movie number very easy
10 Aug 2005
- Added a few more SEs on se traffic detection scripts
- fixed a bug in site add script to show counters right away not after 1 day
27 July 2005
- added a "New Sites" view in the show traffic selector for trades added in the last 7 days. This is usefully to track new trades.
- fixed several bugs in trade detection script
21 May 2005
- added a traffic history feature. This will list all your trades based on the maximum average hits traded in the last 6 months and will display as well the current trading level. This feature is very usefully in finding and restore died trades.
- entire "jump to" menu have been changed and all trades related features have been grouped under trade info section. To access the new feature and the traffic trades u have to click on the links from the top of the page..
9 May 2005
- Pure productivity trade has been fixed and added again. Last period hits are taken into account at this time. As this time all trades in Productivity will trade based on productivity. Turbo is a combination between Hits In and Productivity. Trade option based on Unics only has been disabled.
2 May 2005
- added last 24 hours view on the link tracking section
21 Apr 2005

- banner feature has been removed and replaced with Links Tracking. Its basically the same thing except the ids are taken in account and added without the need to define them. All the old IDs are still there and now alphanumeric strings up to 16 characters
5 Apr 2005
- Added the possibility to edit your info, email, ICQ and to change your password.
There will be a contact webmaster option on the add trade form and the email can be public or not.
- changed the java script library to support the variable skimming on thumbs
- We added webmaster contact info in the add trade form to allow other people to contact you more easy.
ICQ, Email and web site are available. Email is hidden against spiders using a java script. As well an option to not display your email is available.
29 Dec 2004
- Happy Holidays!
- Added a letter to show robots status per trade
- Added a link to the current site on the trades view
7 Dec 2004
- Added Estimated Hits on counter.
29 Oct 2004
- Added Password retriever.
28 Aug 2004
- Added Logs and Robots. This neat feature will suspend a trade if some conditions will apply to that trade.
Every time a trade is suspended or resumed a log will be created.
You can configure this conditions on:
Logs and Robots -> Configure Robots
- Added a Reset on the Thumbs Manager.
- Old Style counters are available on the home page.
27 Aug 2004
- Counters have been redesigned. Added graphics for traffic over time for each individual site as well as productivity history in order to be able to track design changes.
7 Aug 2003
- Added a support forum here Please post your questions and share your experience.
- fixed a few mysql bugs. Reviewed the out algorithm and increase the response speed.
- added a new restriction on the "Add sites web form" to require the pattern to be part of the out domain
7 Aug 2003
- Added a cool new feature - Thumbs Manager. This feature will allow you to create a thumb preview TGP and analyze the thumbs productivity in real time to maximize your productivity. The thumb manager keep the high productivity thumbs and replace the bad one from a larger pool. On a normal site the productivity could increase between 30% and 200%.
To install this you have to update the Java Script function library, fill the edit Site thumbs manager part and then add the thumbnails. A site using this feature can be found here. A print screen also here.
10 July 2003

- Added support for send non english traffic only to trades. This feature is available on edit sites.
- Added possibility to list a site in a future resource page
- Added Force Hits To a new trade feature
- Added a new tool named Robots which is designed to perform automated programmable task to your trades. Robots will be able to delete, suspend, enable, change trade values or log specific events. Now only delete trades is available.
29 Apr 2003
- Added support for individual site skimming. The skimming default could be changed in the edit site page. To have different skimming percents in one page the "sk" variable is working and have higher priority then the default skimming.
- Fixed a bug regarding skimming where a user doesn't go to for the first click to a gallery if that user come from a site using xclicks.
23 Apr 2003
- Added a new view called Trades Traffic where you can see the trades stats and healthy in one screen.
5 Apr 2003
- Added supplementary checking and support for clicks without a referrals. This can be nicely used in conjunction with the category feature.
- Added a page to redirect the non referral traffic. That page is here
- Improved the category support from 1 number to 4 letters for readability.
- Started to capture the Search Engines Queries. Queries will be kept for 30 days.
- Added a feature to display SE queries for each site.
24 Jan 2003
- fixed a bug in JS Functions Library. This bug may didn't allow the top site sites to vote in some top lists. If you show a top site on your site please update the JS.
- looking for a new server. This one is pretty slow.
7 Jan 2003
 - added Max Hits per Period to enable possibility to restrict the maximum nr of out hits to a site. This is very handy if you trade on unics to limit a new trade with bad productivity to take all the traffic. Enter 0 to disable it (default).
 - added Force on a specific day. You can force on every weekday or on every month day. This is usefully for weekly or monthly reset top list
- added Category. You can define multiple categories and send target traffic. Ex. You can allocate the nr 1 for Celebrities sites and send cj traffic only to sites from this category. Use this to improve the productivity on other sites. Warning! This function can unbalance your Out traffic so use it with care.
29 Nov 2002
 - the update time for top sites is 15 minutes
15 Nov 2002
 - Important release change
 - 24 hours 6 periods editable tracking
 - history logs for hits in/out clicks for each trade
 - cheating analyses for each trade (proxy traffic, foreign language traffic)
 - added support for 6 different site labels
 - added support for possibility of building the top site list order by UnicsIn, Clicks In, Owed
 - fixed the site defaults for the trade web form
 - added trading rules for the web form. Only 255 characters permitted but html is on. If 255 chars are not enough you can insert a java script :) Example here
5 Oct 2002
 - added last 24H IP Logs for each trade with proxy checking
 - imported about 10,000 anon proxy IP's
25 Sept 2002
 - changed the link tracking page to be only graph
20 Sept 2002
 - added Global Settings to be able to setup different defaults settings for each site. The script automatically detect and add the new trades but you can customize this defaults or disable it
 - fixed a bug in Owed Hits calculator for trades based on Productivity
12 Sept 2002
 - added productivity percents on trades stats
 - added return percents on trades stats
10 Sept 2002
 - changed navigation
 - improved output scripts

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